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What Is Anger?

Anger is a normal emotion. It is when you resent someone or something. Anger has a reputation of being bad or hurtful, but it is normal and healthy to feel angry sometimes. Anger can help to encourage us to change something or figure out solutions to challenges.

Anger becomes a problem when it is expressed in a hurtful way. It is okay to be angry and upset, but it is not okay to hurt others because you are angry. Like any emotion, anger can be a problem when it lasts for a long time.

What Does it Feel Like?

Anger can feel different for everyone.

Anger can feel like:

  • Faster breathing
  • Being flushed, hot, or sweaty
  • Making you feel like yelling or screaming
  • Your stomach is upset
  • Your muscles are ready to act
  • Your heart might start pounding and beating quickly
  • You might clench your fists
  • Your body is prickly
  • You are hostile or resent other people
  • You are upset or annoyed
  • You are agitated or snappy
  • And more

What Can You Do to Calm Down?

It is okay to be angry. It is about learning how to express your feelings in a healthy way. Being angry does not give someone the right to be mean or hurtful to others.

Things you can do to calm down:

  1. Take slow, deep breaths
  2. Scribble on a piece of paper
  3. Yell into a pillow
  4. Play a game
  5. Go outside
  6. Get active
  7. Listen to music
  8. Dance
  9. Play an instrument
  10. Write it out
  11. Take a break
  12. Watch a funny movie
  13. Think of what is bothering you and think of solutions to deal with it
  14. Talk with a loved one
  15. Work to resolve the conflict. Visit the Relationships section for more information on dealing with conflict in a healthy way.

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