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How do you feel when you wake up on your best day? 

You probably feel well-rested. You probably wake up to a space that is clean and organized. You probably feel excited to start the day. Maybe, you are meeting with friends later that day. You probably feel in control of your emotions, and your body feels ready for the day. 

This is what health looks like but take notice that on your best day your health means more than just a healthy body. It is a healthy mind and space. This is why it is important to think of health as having different dimensions. 

So, what are these dimensions of health and what do they mean? 

Dimensions of health give a full picture of health which ensures that the whole person is cared for. We must understand that all the dimensions of health are equally important and that they work together to provide a full picture of health. 

To be intellectually healthy you need to take time to challenge your brain! It feels nice to learn and master a new skill, and it increases your intellectual wellness. Increasing your intellectual well-being can improve our memory, concentration, and help you develop effective coping skills when faced with a challenge. This is why it is so important to make sure you feed your mind!

  • Build a puzzle 
  • Build something
  • Try a new hobby 
  • Read a book or graphic novel

You’ve probably heard a lot about physical health. It’s also very important to maintain overall wellness! Physical health relates to keeping your body healthy which can help you avoid illness and injury. You can keep your body healthy by eating well, getting enough sleep, and being active. This can be as easy as taking your dog for a walk and enjoying the fresh air! 

  • Eat a healthy snack
  • Have a good night’s sleep
  • Get active

Emotional health relates to how you think and feel. Additionally, emotional health means being aware of your feelings and valuing them. It is important to understand how you are feeling and finding healthy and positive ways to express your emotions. Finding a positive way to cope with your emotions can also help you to think positively. When we think positively, we can develop a better outlook on life!

  • Talk to a loved one
  • Journal or draw your feelings
  • Practice awareness and identify your emotions as you feel them

Social health relates to the strength of your relationships with others. Spending time with our friends and family makes us feel happy and connects us with others! We do not need a lot of friends to make us feel happy. However, we do need friends and family that support us when we are struggling and celebrate with us when we are happy. We need to find people in our lives and be there for them to increase social wellness. 

  • Call a loved one (or Zoom, FaceTime, Duo, etc.)
  • Spend time with a loved one
  • Play with a pet

Environmental health is related to building a healthy and positive space in our surroundings. When we are in a positive space, it makes us happy in return! Increasing our environmental health can be doing things in our home like cleaning out our closets and donating old clothes. We can also increase our environmental health by helping to clean up our world through recycling!

  • Recycle
  • Tidy your room
  • Pick up trash in your neighbourhood

Spiritual health is related to finding our purpose in life. To be spiritually healthy, we need to reflect on what we value in our lives and in the world. Spirituality might also mean making connections with something outside of ourselves. These connections help us to identify where we belong and help us to find our place in the world. 

  • Connect with nature
  • Meditate or practice relaxation techniques
  • Think of what is important to you

Occupational health refers to the enjoyment of our jobs. You may or may not have a job, but you do have the role of student. It is important to discover and grow your interests by taking various classes. This will help you to choose a career that is best suited to your interests and talents, which will in turn increase your occupational health.

  • Try options you are interested in
  • Get curious about classes that interest you

Please remember that not every day will be your best day. This is why it is important to practice wellness so that you can deal with the challenges that you face. It is okay not to feel okay. If you feel like you need inspiration on how to better practice wellness, go to the Self-Care section.

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