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There are many parts to feeling well,

It is listening to your body to see what it will tell.

Healthy is also exercising your mind,

It is acting in a way that is kind.

Wellness is connecting with others,

Whether it is a friend, sister, or brother.

Knowing how you feel,

Is also part of the wellness deal.

Feeling healthy is from many things,

It is about finding what makes your mind and body sing!


Doing things that make you happy can make your body happy, too!

Eating healthy snacks helps your body make strong through and through.

Playing outside with friends can also make your body stronger,

Go have some fun, don’t wait any longer!

Doing things that you like to do makes for a happy brain,

You will see how much focus you will gain!

Make the most of your day,

It can help you feel happy and healthy every day.

Playing with blocks or a puzzle can make your brain strong!

You could read a book whether it is short or long.

Spending time with loved ones can make you feel good, too!

Another healthy thing to do is playing a game, like Clue. 


Taking time to think about your day is healthy for your mind!

You never know what you might find!

It is good to sit in a quiet place and go over the day,

And think about what you say!

Be sure to think about what makes you happy!

That will make your brain feel healthy and snappy! 

Knowing what makes us feel comfortable or uncomfortable is something we can do!

Comfortable emotions are ones that make us feel good, too.

This might be like when you are happy to see family or a friend,

It could be laughing at a funny video someone did send.

Uncomfortable emotions are ones that do not make us feel good,

This might be like when you are sad because you lost a toy.

These are the feelings that keep us from what we enjoy!

It is good for you to talk about how you are feeling,

It can help us with our healing! 


Taking care of your room and world can also make you feel well!

This makes it a better place to live in, you’ll be able to tell!

You can clean up your room or recycle!

This can help to make you feel good and is vital!


Remember it’s okay not to be okay!

Not every day will be your best day!

This is why we need to do things that make us feel good,

To help us feel as good as we could.

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