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Online can be fun! There are games, music, and videos. We can talk to friends and family online.

Tips for Being Safe Online:

  • Do not talk to strangers online
  • Do not post or tell people things about your life, like where you live, your name, or birthday
  • If you are looking up something on google, use more words and be specific
  • Remember what you post online is there forever (even if you delete it!)
  • Be aware of what you post online
  • You own the pictures you post on Facebook and Instagram, but they can use them. They can use them worldwide. They can copy them and use them publicly

Healthy Online Relationships

What are healthy online relationships?

They are:

  • Comfortable
  • Safe
  • With people you know in real life or you have met them

Unhealthy Online Relationships

What are unhealthy online relationships

They are:

  • Uncomfortable
  • Not safe
  • With people you do not know
  • With people who try to convince you to do things you do not feel comfortable doing
  • With people who send you lots of messages, sometimes in different ways (online games, texts, or social media)
  • With people who might ask you to not tell anyone about your talks
  • With people who might try to get you to share personal information or secrets


If you feel scared, uncomfortable, or unsafe talking to someone online, talk to a trusted adult. Ask for help.

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