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What Is Sadness?

Sadness is when you feel blue,

It can be different for me and you.

You can feel sad from a lot of things.

It could be you lost something,

Or someone,

It could be from missing out on some fun.

Feeling sad is okay,

You need to deal with it in a healthy way.

What Does It Feel Like?

Sadness can feel down and blue,

It can feel like you need to cry too.

It can make it hard to have fun,

It can feel like you are the only one.

Sadness can feel like your feelings are hurt,

It can make you feel like you are down in the dirt.

Being sad can be like a lump in your throat,

Like you want to crawl and hide in your coat.

It can make you feel really small,

Like you would like to curl in a ball.

When you are feeling down,

It can be hard to change your frown.

But there are many things that can help,

Things you can do yourself!

What Can You Do to Feel Better?

When you are feeling sad and down,

There are things you can do to turn around your frown.

Remember to name and feel your emotions,

Sometimes they can feel as big as the ocean.

If you find your feelings are too much,

Remember to talk to a trusted adult about your feelings and such.

There are many things you can do to help you feel better,

You can try them no matter the weather.

You can sing your favourite song,

Start a game and get friends to play along,

You could also get it out,

By crying, sobbing, or giving a shout.

Or you could colour or draw.

You can try a little bit of them all!

Things You Can Do to Feel Better

  • Cuddle with a pet or loved one
  • Read a book
  • Think about what making you sad and draw a picture with it
  • Cry it out
  • Talk to someone you trust
  • Play a game
  • Take some slow deep breaths
  • Dance
  • Listen to music

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