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What to Do When
You are
Feeling Blue?

We can have many different feelings.

Some are comfortable which help us feel good about things.

Comfortable feelings feel wonderful,

They are feelings like when we are happy or joyful.

There are some other feelings that we might have,

They are uncomfortable like when we are sad.

The uncomfortable ones are when we are blue,

It can be hard to know what to do.

Because there will be days when we feel down,

Instead of a smile, we wear a frown,

We might feel a little blue,

Or sometimes mad, sad, or even lonely, too.

Feeling down can be different for everyone,

It can make it hard to have fun.

Feeling upset can be tough,

It can make us feel a little bit rough.

How Does It Feel?

When we are feeling unhappy,

Alone we might prefer to be.

We might feel like having a cry,

Or maybe we sit and sigh.

When we are upset, we might be a little scared,

It could feel as if no one cared.

We can also make us feel ready to blow,

Like a giant, sputtering volcano.

Everyone can feel a different way,

Remember to feel your feelings is more than okay!

How Can We Feel Better?

We all feel upset from time to time,

Feelings can sometimes feel like a big hill to climb.

But do not fret for there are many things to do,

Find something which works for you.

To feel better, you could read a story,

Go outside and play under a tree,

Get active by playing a game,

Or find a friend who would like to do the same.

You could watch something funny,

Play with a pet dog, cat, or bunny.

There are many things you can do,

To help you feel like the wonderful you!

When you are feeling like things are too much,

Find a trusted adult who will help by listening and such.


Things to do to feel better:

  • Talking to someone about how you are feeling
  • Art
  • Sports
  • Helping cook
  • Playing with a friend
  • Take some deep breaths
  • Take a break
  • Cry
  • Go outside

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