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Unhealthy Relationships

Relationships are not always healthy. When they are not, that is when we ask for help!

Unhealthy Relationships Are With People Who Make You Feel:

  • Unsafe
  • Uncomfortable
  • Hurt
  • Not listened to
  • Scared


If you have someone who makes you feel like this, tell someone. It is important to get help!

In an unhealthy relationship, there are unsafe touches and unsafe secrets.

Unsafe Touches feel strange, uncomfortable, confusing, or yucky. They could be from someone you know or someone you do not know.

Unsafe Secrets are not fun. They feel uncomfortable or scary. They can be about hurting you or someone else. The other person tells you not to tell your parents or a trusted adult and that if you do tell something bad will happen.

Tell a trusted adult if you have any unsafe secrets or touches.

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