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Abuse Abuse Any type of abuse is not okay in a relationship. The person being harmed does not, nor ever, deserved it. This is unhealthy behaviour. Abuse is not limited to being physically harmed.  There are many different types of abuse. Abuse includes: Emotional Abuse is … the use of words or actions to control, […]

Unhealthy Relationships

Unhealthy Relationships Unhealthy Relationships Qualities of Unhealthy Relationships Control is when someone makes all the decisions, tells others what to do, and does not let others do what they want. A controlling person might try to isolate a person from family and friends or become jealous. (This is not the same as parents, caregivers, teachers, […]

Boundaries and Consent

Boundaries and Consent Boundaries Valuing yourself to have Boundaries Boundaries are so important to your wellness. Boundaries are limits we set for ourselves in our relationships. Healthy boundaries allow us to say “no” to others and be ourselves. Boundaries keep us safe. There are different types of boundaries. A Physical Boundary is an invisible and […]

Communication and Conflict

Communication and Conflict Building Relationships Through Communication Communication allows us to share what we think, how we feel, what we want, and what we expect. It helps us to share our emotions, feelings, and thoughts. Good communication helps us build our relationships with family and friends. Types of Communication Verbal Communication is based on our […]

Healthy Relationships

Healthy Relationships Qualities of Healthy Relationships Respect is thinking or treating someone  with consideration, to appreciate them,  and honour someone’s  feelings and opinions. Kindness is treating others the way you want to be treated, the golden rule. It is being friendly, caring, and helpful. Trust is being honest, matching our words and feelings with our […]

Identity Glossary

Identity Glossary Pieces of Me There are many things which make you unique. That means there are many things you can love about yourself. Things you could love about you: Your abilities (things you can do) Your body Where you come from Your family Your personality How you act/treat other people   Take a moment […]


Trauma What Is It? Trauma is the lasting emotional reaction to a disturbing event(s). Trauma is difficult to define because different people have different reactions or points of view to traumatic events. One event may be more traumatic for one person than the other. Trauma can be caused by: A recent event An event which […]


Visualization The following exercise is visualization. It’s like a guided daydream. If you have any unrelated thoughts come up, acknowledge them, and imagine them floating away. Visualizations can help reduce stress and help you to feel better. Allow yourself to get into comfortable position. Give yourself a moment to quiet yourself. Slowly breathe in and […]

Star Breathing

Star Breathing Star Breathing is a wonderful way to calm your mind and body. It helps you to be present in the moment. As you breathe in, slowly breathe in through your nose. Bring the air all the down to your belly. Feel your belly expanded. Breathe out slowly through your mouth. While you are […]

Progressive Muscle Relaxation Technique

Progressive Muscle Relaxation Technique Progressive muscle relaxation is a great way to relax and recharge! It helps to lessen those stressful feelings. It connects your body and breath. Throughout this guided exercise, you will tighten a muscle group and hold the tension for several counts. As you release the tension, turn your attention to the […]