Kids Help Phone

Grades 6 - 8

Middle school can be a tricky time. Things seem to be changing from friends and family to new commitments. It can be hard to juggle it all, and you might have some questions and need help finding the answers. This resource is here to help with some of those hard-to-answer questions. Middle school can be a challenging time to find your way through your identity, mental health, relationships, and more. We are here to help!

Learn More About…


What does it mean to be healthy? Health has several dimensions, and we need to look after all of them for our well-being. Explore what healthy means to you.


Forming healthy relationships is an important part of life, but what makes a relationship healthy or unhealthy? Uncover the characteristics of both.


What makes you… you? This is not an easy question. It is not just one thing. You are shaped by your culture, gender, abilities, and more. Discover your identity.


There are times when we are not feeling well, but when does it become something more than a series of bad days? Learn more about your mental health.


Self-Care is important for your health. It is dedicating time to take care of you. Self-care is different for everyone. Check out what works for you.


Life has trials and challenges. Healthy coping is dealing with stressors in a positive way. Find what works for you to deal with what life throws your way.

Help Lines

This phone number will connect you with adults who are there to help. You can trust them to talk about anything.