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Star Breathing

Star Breathing Star Breathing is a wonderful way to calm your mind and body. It helps you to be present in the moment. As you breathe in, slowly breathe in through your nose. Bring the air all the down to your belly. Feel your belly expanded. Breathe out slowly through your mouth. While you are […]

Progressive Muscle Relaxation Technique

Progressive Muscle Relaxation Technique Progressive muscle relaxation is a great way to relax and recharge! It helps to lessen those stressful feelings. It connects your body and breath. Throughout this guided exercise, you will tighten a muscle group and hold the tension for several counts. As you release the tension, turn your attention to the […]

Body Awareness Grounding

Body Awareness Grounding Grounding helps to bring us to the present moment. Darth Vader breathing. Take a deep, slow breath through your nose. Breathe out through your mouth like Darth Vader. Not a Star Wars fan? That’s okay! Breathe out with a great big sigh. Repeat 5 times.   Put your feet flat on the […]

Dropping off Worries

Dropping off Worries The following exercise is an activity to visualize dropping off your worries. It can help to reduce feelings of stress. If your mind starts to wander, that’s okay! Take a deep breath and bring your attention back. Allow yourself to get into a comfortable position. Take a deep breath in through your […]

Count Down

Count Down If you are ever feeling overwhelmed or very anxious, the following exercise can help to bring you into the present moment. This exercise helps by connecting you with your senses. Begin by taking long, deep, slow breaths in and out. In through your nose. Out through your mouth. 5. Look around and find […]