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Shaping the minds of children/youth is no small task! It is more than just teaching them algebra or the perfect kick ball change in dance. It is helping them navigate through the challenges of life. This resource is here to help you build resiliency and foster healthy habits in the children/youth you work with (and yourself!). We are here to help answer those tricky questions and provide you with tools to support the well-being of the young people in your life (and yours, too).

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What Is Resiliency?

In life, we face hardships and hurdles. Resilience is a part vital of dealing with these challenges. Uncover what it means to have resilience.

Health and Wellness

What does it mean to be healthy? Health has several dimensions, and we need to look after all of them for our well-being. Explore what healthy means to you.

Teacher / Professional Tips

Children and youth are remarkably unique. To increase your learning to better meet the needs of those you work with check out these organizations.


Forming healthy relationships is an important part of life, but what makes a relationship healthy or unhealthy? Uncover the characteristics of both.


What makes you… you? This is not an easy question. It is not just one thing. You are shaped by your culture, gender, abilities, and more. Discover your identity.


There are times when we are not feeling well, but when does it become something more than a series of bad days? Learn more about your mental health.


Self-Care is important for your health. It is dedicating time to take care of you. Self-care is different for everyone. Check out what works for you.


Life has trials and challenges. Healthy coping is dealing with stressors in a positive way. Find what works for you to deal with what life throws your way.